2016 Spring Fair

The annual St Vincent’s College Spring Fair was a great day that raised thousands of dollars.

Our house Aikenhead was running two stalls that were very popular. The jumping castle and the petting zoo.

Here are the photos from the day:





A big thank you to everyone who turned up and I would like to call out a few special girls:

  • Sophia Micos created and posted promotional posters all around the fair!
    • Maddison Aitken (9)
    • all the girls who volunteered to run the two Aikenhead stalls! They did an awesome job running the petting zoo and jumping castle! They also were great at keeping the lines full by inviting people to join the fun.

      — From Year 7 —
      Janda Collins Widders (7)
      Charlotta Mackay (7)
      Billie Monjo (7)

      — From Year 8 —
      Sophia Cotis (8)
      Ivy DuFaur (8)
      Betty Howells (8)
      Emily Mackay (8)

      — From Year 9 —
      Ilaria Marsella (9)
      Rosa Blakemore (9)
      Kristin O’Sullivan (9)
      Maddison Smith (9)
      Elysse Choy (9)
      Sophia Fazio (9)
      Amelia Kamp (9)

      — From Year 10 —
      Lynn Jiang (10)
      Josie Larkin (10)
      Madeline McPherson (10)
      Sophia Micos (10)
      Alana Tokic (10)

      — From Year 11 —
      Grace Conacher (11)

      — From Year 12 —
      Alice Morgan (12)
      Bronte McIntyre (12)

    And well done to Ashley Abalajon who performed a passionate solo performance at the lip sync battles, singing the Pokemon theme song!


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